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Written by Harold S. Mars III on Sunday, 22 April 2018. Posted in News From The Den

A visual chart of software applications that integrate or function in concert with QuickBooks

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In today's marketplace, with it's rapidly changing technology in a complex landscape, we continue to see new and improved applications coming through. The Accounting Technology Ecosystem allows you to identify the products out there based on their function. The goal is to provide a roadmap to the buyer community, while bringing clarity to new solution types and who they compete with. 1/

With the ability to take advantage of an electronic age that has increased productivity and its attendant technological tools exponentially, what a time to be alive and engaged in business and business support servicing ... automation is definitely in, and it doesn't appear it'll ever go out of style! The number of available and capable software applications that can help us to easily automate key business activities and have access to relevant business information with speed and mobility keeps growing at a rapid pace.

Insightful Accountant (formerly published under Accountex USA) has compiled an excellent visual chart of application software solutions that can aid any business in streamlining and integrating processes and workflows, and help glean valuable informational insights about its financial position, operations and interface effectively with the clientel it serves. Version 3.2 of this outstanding accounting technology ecosystem infographic was released this week. The chart arrays the best available application solutions in 30 categories, ranging from business intelligence to CRM to project management to merchant services/e-commerce and POS, and much more.

Intuit's QuickBooks® software, listed in the Accounting Software category of the chart, is designed to serve small to mid-sized businesses in the management and accounting of its transactional activity. But, particularly with the ever-growing and powerful QuickBooks® Online, it is also intended to function as a centralized platform hub for the inter-connection of powerful application extensions to meet the multi-faceted operational and informational needs of SMB's. Many of the applications you'll find on Accountex's ecosystem listing can be integrated and/or work in concert with the QuickBooks® platform.

In addition to the link provided above, you can view and download the Application Technology Ecosystem guide on our QB Online Resources web page. You'll find additional helpful QuickBooks® Online resources here as well, including a link to the QuickBooks® App Center. We also have a resource page providing further details and informational links on Intuit's full line of QuickBooks Products.

While your on our website, we hope you'll take some time to look around. Let us know how we can assist in helping your business utilize these excellent software application resources by clicking on the below image to schedule an initial consultation. We'll look forward to talking with you and collaborating in the Cloud!


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1/ - Kacee Johnson, Founder Blue Ocean Principles (see related article link)
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