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It's Tax Time ... How Are Your Books?

on Sunday, 05 February 2023. Posted in QuickBooks

Get Your Books In Order With A QuickBooks Company File Review!

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Oh-oh. It's that time again ... tax season. If your company is using QuickBooks® Desktop or Online accounting software (you are using accounting software, right ??), would you respond "yes" or "no" to the following:

  • Are you having trouble generating accurate year-end reporting? Are your financial statements and other business reports not reflecting what you know to have been your business activity last year?
  • Is your bookkeeper (or, whomever) not entering transactions properly, or with inadequate detail?
  • Do your business processes for entering your transactions seem cumbersome with too many steps, promoting mistakes or leading to missing data?
  • Does your company file seem to just not be working properly? Are you saying to yourself (and maybe others), "What the ...?".
  • Are you desperately thinking about spending "buku" (aka, absurd) dollars on an expensive CPA to try to make sense of your tangled mess of numbers?
  • Are you really not sure what the root causes are for any of the above, but you know you want to get things running right (preferably, as soon as possible!)?

If your responses are "no," great ... carry on and enjoy life. But, if you're answering yes (maybe a frustrating, agonizing, tear inducing "YES!") to any or all of the above questions, why not put in motion a thorough review of your books to get them back on track, facilitating an accurate year-end financial picture and a more confident and smooth tax return filing process. You'll actually be in a better position to KNOW where your business stands and where you should focus to improve your business' financial performance, no matter what time of the year it is. And, your system won't have you pulling your hair out in the process of generating that crucial business information ... for yourself, your tax preparers, or other "need to know" parties.

You can take advantage of the personalized and professional expertise of an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor to do a QuickBooks File Review ... a comprehensive look at your company file setup. Here's what you get:
  • Diagnostic 2A thorough review of your system's transactional data.
  • A review of your financial statements structure.
  • A review of your fundamental setup elements:
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Items Lists
    • Customer and Jobs List
    • Vendor List
    • Banking and associated reconciliations
    • Employee and Payroll Information (if applicable)
  • A diagnosis of any underlying systemic transactional and/or setup problems.
  • A clear understanding of how your current setup and associated transactions are affecting your workflows (for better or worse).
  • A summary outline of findings and improvement recommendations.
  • A cleanup, revised setup and/or integration "roadmap" for your follow-up in charting a smoother road ahead.

After our review is complete, we'll setup time with you to discuss our findings and improvement recommendations. If your offices are within 25 miles of the Greater Rochester, NY area, we'll meet with you at your office location. Outside of that radius? ... not a problem. We'll meet with you via a secure video conference. Then we'll work with you to put into effect the provided cleanup roadmap to get your books and transactional processes back on the fast track, with your financial software streamlined and more responsive to your informational needs.

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Oh, and by the way ... if you're not using an effective accounting software tool to help track and report on your business activity, why not consider using the #1 cloud accounting software for small to mid-sized businesses ... Intuit's QuickBooks® Online. It's powerful, easy to use, and let's you access your information from anywhere you have an internet connection via smartphone, tablet or laptop. There are also a ton of apps available from Intuit's large integrative ecosystem to meet your specialized business needs. We can help you with setup, training and integration selections. Find out more at our QB Online web page.

Ready to get underway? Get in touch with us by scheduling a free file review consultation using the "Let's Talk" link below. Get started down a better road toward keeping your books in tip-top shape with less stress, greater efficiency, and having a more relaxed handle on where your business stands.


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