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Written by Harold S. Mars III on Wednesday, 22 February 2017. Posted in Business Finance

Cloud-enabled accessibility, flexibility and efficiency ... with personalized support to go with it.

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Bookkeeping in the Cloud and Graywolf Productivity Solutions just go together ... like Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Mac and Cheese, Oreos and Milk, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and ... ok, you got it. We wouldn't have it any other way. We're a cloud-enabled business, and work with cloud tools that enable our clients to effectively and efficiently manage their transactional bookkeeping in the Cloud. Here's why you should be tracking your business transactions in the Cloud, and why you should strongly consider engaging us to partner with you in doing it:

Why Online Bookkeeping?
Collaborating In The Cloud 8 WebWhat's so beneficial and attractive about maintaining your business books online?  I mean, is it really all it's cracked up to be? Short answer ... yes. And, an increasing number of small businesses in the USA agree ... 41% in 2016 (up from 20% in 2015) use some form, or are exclusively using, cloud-based solutions1/. But, here's some additional specific considerations:
Anywhere/Anytime Access
Wherever you've got an Internet connection, or even access to just your Smartphone Provider Network, you can have access to your books. Access from anywhere in the world, anytime ... whether you have a Windows computer or a Mac. You don't have to worry about not having simultaneous access for multiple individuals. You, your staff members and external bookkeeper/accountant can work in the file at the same time without the need for hosting networks, having to schedule access time, or having to make on-site appointments. You don't have to worry when you're on the road, or at home, whether or not you have access to the right company file on the local system your using, or whether or not the file is on a shared drive, and whether or not there's going to be conflicting versions of that company file. You're good to go ... fire up your machine from anywhere, log into your account and retrieve or input your information, and you're done. Your data is instantly saved, synced and ready for the next access time, by whomever. Excellent.
With web-based accounting solutions (provided by reputable solution providers), gone is the need to make continuous manual backups of your company's financial data, remembering whether you hit that "Save" button, or wondering what'll happen if your computer or network server crashes. Transactional information put into your system is instantly saved, and your data is backed up in the cloud (protected solution provider servers) in real-time, there for your instant retrieval with your next access. And, if your internet access is disrupted, or your computer crashes, your data is availalble for recall. It's a beautiful thing.
Your financial data is secure in the cloud, and that's an assurance that you and many other business owners want to hear (we want to hear it too, as handlers of your cloud financial data!). Information security is incredibly important, as is secure and appropriate access permission to that information. With good web-based accounting systems, you're assured that a) your data and its transmittal over the internet is secure, because the provider is using the same technology that online banks and brokerages are using and adhering to very high International Organization for Standarization (ISO) security standards, and b) each user accessing the system must use a specific username and password, and in many cases two-factor authentication. Nice and tight.
Stay Up-To-Date
When you're using a web-based accounting solution for recording you business activity, you don't have to worry about falling behind on the "latest and greatest" versions of your program. Web-based accounting software stays up-to-date through automatic updates, and being on a subscription basis these updates are included in your monthly or annual fee. Sweet.
More Effective and Efficient Collaboration
When your using a great web-based financial software tool, you'll gain the ability to collaborate better, more frequently, and without the need of a multitude of other tools or programs. With a cloud-enabled accounting system tool, you and your bookkeeper can collaborate right within the software with the ability to instant message and communicate whenever and wherever you happen to be. And, you can attach documents within both your messaging and your business transactions. With your customers, you have the capability to be paid faster electronically, know the status of your billings, and be able to interactively answer any questions your customer might have from within your program dashboard. Cool beans.
Cost and Resource Savings
With subscription-based, pay-as-you-go pricing, not only do you get the benefit of staying current on the product, you also save on typical IT costs like maintenance, server and other ancillary hardware, and technical support. With a web-based financial application, you can also take advantage of the fast growing eco-system of add-on products that enhance the power of your base system, many times at a fraction of the cost of outfitting your system with in-house customizations, or expensive and clunky non-integrative software. In addition, you can outsource many of the functions and support services that you might otherwise incorporate in your system, with the involvement of your in-house staff ... processes like payroll, sales and use taxes, and bookkeeping/accounting services. Alright now.
Which segways nicely to discussing us ...
Why Engage With Graywolf Productivity Solutions (GWPS)?
"With all the bookkeeping service possibilities, why on earth would I consider giving by business to Graywolf Productivity Solutions?!? ... I mean, when I look at your website, you're not as big or well-known, and your support options are somewhat more expensive than other services out there." Ok, a fair question and observation ... here's my response:
Collaborating In The Cloud 3 WebWe're Cloud Focused and Cloud Enabled
Everything we do, how we function, how we service our clients, is Cloud-centric. We've embraced the technology and programs that allow a small business to become incredibly productive beyond its size ... enabling us to be fluid, flexible, streamlined and able to pass that mindset and workflow on to you. For online bookkeeping support, we use outstanding cloud productivity tools like Hubdoc® and SmartVault® that integrate smoothly with our web-based financial software tool of choice (see more below). And, with conferencing and support tools like Zoom and Citrix GoToAssist, we're setup to assist you remotely and interactively with training, troubleshooting and more ... no matter where you're located in the USA (and many other places in the world, for that matter!). We've embraced cloud technology and we want you to experience the very same benefits, flexibility and increase in productivity that we have!
QBO In The Cloud CroppedWe Use and Provide the #1 Cloud-Based Accounting Software
Right from the start of becoming a business, as the founder I saw the incredible value in Intuit's products. That's why I became a Certified QuickBook® ProAdvisor very early on. I believe in both Intuit as a quality company (led and managed by magnificent people, BTW) and in its software products as quality programs. What struck me right from the start in using QuickBooks® products was how non-Accountant focused the user interface is (even though there's plenty of accountant power under the hood) ... it's tailored for the business user and the natural workflows that he or she sees in everyday business activity. Because of those factors, and many more, it's no wonder that Intuit's QuickBooks® line of products has for many years now been the #1 financial software for small businesses. That hasn't changed with Intuit's introduction and on-going development of its QuickBooks Online web app offering ... it's the #1 Cloud-based financial software, offering that same business user focus and software excellence found in the desktop versions ... and we're proud to use it in our own business and to help install and train our clients to use it theirs.
QuickBooks Online is the financial system of choice for our own business, and offering it in our business finance support options helps us to be effective and productive online bookkeepers for our clients. It ablely provides every one of the online bookkeeping advantages and benefits described above. You can find out more facts about Intuit's Cloud product here: QuickBooks Online FAQs.  
We've Got "Game"
Not only do we know the rudiments of bookkeeping and the ins and outs of the available QuickBooks® systems, our knowledge and experience go well beyond that ... we know accounting, business finance and business management. We're familiar with the environments that you function in. And, we can interact and engage comfortably with any level of personnel you desire. We know the "game" of business, and well as the "business" of life, and helping you function better in both. Yes, we are a bit more expensive that some other options ... but, you get a stepped-up "game" with Graywolf Productivity Solutions. The job is done well, done right (the first time), you get more for your dollar, and you avoid having to cleanup a bookkeeping mess after you've paid for that dime-a-dozen, cut-rate service.
We've Got Attitude
The right attitude. We're enthusiastic and passionate about what we do ... we REALLY like numbers, and we like seeing them moving in the right direction! And, we really strive to provide our best for you by taking the time to understand where you're at and what you need ... we take the time to listen and dialogue with you. And, we don't come to you with a demeanor that's aloof or condescending ... we desire to come alongside you and provide you with great expertise and an attitude of partnership.
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We're Personalized and Attentive to Your Needs
I think above all, what we can truly offer you is a highly personal focus fixed like a laser on you and your business needs. We aren't a large-scale CPA firm with a stretched and over-bearing staff, and we're not a churn 'em out, one size fits all service provider. We're a small business, targeted to assist other small to mid-size businesses like ourselves with hands on and personalized service. We put a face and voice to our service offerings, always striving to connect with you in what we do. We know what you're dealing with as a small business, and we share in what you're experiencing from day-to-day as you strive to grow and provide value to those you serve ... and we're small enough to provide you with the attention and excellence you deserve. THAT, we believe, truly sets us apart from our competitors.


Find out more about our bookkeeping and accounting services, and how you can get started with us as your online bookkeeping partner by clicking here: Great Online Bookkeeping with GWPS. See you in the Cloud!

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