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Obstacles 5 Web No BkgrdWhen it comes to freely getting at your transaction and list data, with the ability to view the information the way YOU want it, QuickBooks can be limiting.

QuickBooks® is excellent accounting software for SMB's, and comes with a good array of standard reporting coupled with the ability to customize them in most cases. But, as your business analysis needs escalate, you can find yourself being confronted with signficant obstacles that block your path to meaningful data on where your business stands ... and what to hone-in on to keep it from standing still. Whether you're using desktop or online versions, the available reporting and your customizing options are limited. If you're a growing SMB, on the move and hungry for business intelligence to help power that growth, you'll quickly find constraints on your ability to extract your data into meaningful reporting and visualization formats ... and that can be frustrating. And, if your a business entity with multiple locations, units or franchises, you'll find those constraints only heightened in your desire to meet the demands for meaningful and flexible consolidation reporting and business segment metrics.

Turning your QuickBooks® data into actionable business insight within the confines of the available out-of-the-box reporting and customizations can prove to be an incredibly cumbersome process ... UNTIL NOW.


Obstacles 4 WebGraywolf Productivity Solutions provides you with the break-through you've been looking for. We provide the right expertise and guidance to help you tap into incredibly flexible reporting and data visualization capabilitites. We use great tools and technology to get you access to ALL of your QuickBooks® data tables and elements, and assist you in the development of streamlined reporting, consolidations, and beautifully interactive dashboards and other data visualizations ... all with Enterprise-level functionality and ease of use, at a fraction of big ERP system cost! And ... we can save you hours, days, or weeks of churning in attempting to produce this output by other inefficient means.

Certified QQube™ Solution Provider

We've earned QQube™ Certified Professional and Solution Provider designations, signifying our ability to provide you with expert service in the use of the outstanding analytical technology made available by CLEARIFY®. We're ready to put that expertise to work for you to help build powerful customized reporting, and insightful KPI and Dashboard visualizations from your QuickBooks® company file data.

Custom Report Building

Generating custom reports from your QuickBooks® data can be a very cumbersome task ... accessing your data tables through complex procedures and deciphering field names can drive you to the boiling point. That's where we excel (pun intended). We assist you in utilizing QQube™ in combination with Excel, Excel Power Pivot, MS Access and Power BI to efficiently generate just the right reporting that you need ... saving a ton of time and effort that you would otherwise squander using other inefficient and confusing methods. We help you create reports that reduce your data generation from multiple complex steps to a few clicks, with the ability to refresh your data in minutes. We can assist you in creating the following custom reports that move beyond the QuickBooks® standard set:

  • Financial & Financial Period Comparison
  • Budget/Forecast
  • Inventory
  • Project/Job Costing
  • Sales and Purchase Activity
  • Cashflow
  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3)
  • Other regulartory and compliance specific reports

Dashboard/KPI Development

Utilizing the integrative power of QQube™ and Power BI, along with the comprehensive capabilities of Fathom, we can help you create beautiful business metric and performance visualizations quickly and dynamically from your QuickBooks® Desktop or Online data. Dashboard visualizations with elements that are dynamically integrated, refreshable with a few clicks, and shareable with colleagues across the web. Deliver fast and revealing business intelligence for active, on-the-go decision making from multiple platforms. It's a beautiful thing!

Consolidations Reporting

Need effective and efficient consolidation of multiple business unit company files? With the help of Fathom, we can provide you with excellent consolidated reporting capabilities not available in QuickBooks® stand-alone. We can assist in consolidating:

  • Multiple entities, franchises, divisions, locations, etc.
  • Financial and/or non-financial performance data
  • Reporting that uses either a consistent or inconsistent Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Reporting in multiple currencies or a single currency

Reporting & Analytics Roadmap

Interested in our process for reporting and analytics development?

Wrestling with not-so-clearcut tables, complex relationship building, cumbersome mappings, reverse engineering, and connection strings ... all a thing of the past. As you leave your reporting headaches behind in the rearview mirror, you gain back YOUR HAPPINESS (along with the return of your sanity) and the ability to concentrate on more enjoyable activities ... like looking at meaningful and relevant data to drive your business forward that might actually be FUN to work and interact with!


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