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Your Roadmap to a Better QuickBooks® Setup

 Whether it's QuickBooks® Enterprise, QuickBooks® Online, or anything in-between ... with Graywolf Productivity Solutions, our setup of a quality system follows a great project planning and implementation process that leads to an excellent end result for you. You get the very best in a functional system that meets your business needs, and you gain a trusted Advanced QuickBooks® ProAdvisor partner to be with you as your business grows. Our setup process is designed to put you on the road to success and keep you there! You'll find an outline below of the phases for every setup project we engage in, big or small. Take a gander, then take the next step if you're contemplating using QuickBooks® for your business ... for the first time or finding the need to make an upgrade. Get in touch and let us help you on your success journey!

Phase 1 - Assessment & Preparation

Assessment & Preparation

  • Purpose
    • To review your business' system needs and usage, prepare a solution recommendation, and prepare a plan for implementation.
  • What's Involved
    • Initial Need Assessment
      • We'll have an initial consultation with you to learn more about you, your business, and the business environment you operate in.
      • We'll do an initial diagnostic of your current financial system usage, focusing on deficiencies in setup and workflow, and identification of areas for improvement.
      • We'll identify detailed business requirements across your business' main operational processes and financial cycles.
      • We'll identify your key internal and external reporting needs.
      • We'll propose the right QuickBooks® system solution, and any software integrations and/or expansions, to meet the identified business and system usage needs.
    • Project Preparation
      • Identification of business team members who will be involved with us in your QuickBooks® system implementation.
      • Working with you and your identified business team, we craft a project plan and timeline for the implementation of your system, any integrative software, and any business workflow/process improvements.
      • If necessary, we'll provide an initial demo of the recommended QuickBooks® solution and any integrative software tools.


Phase 2 - Business Blueprinting

Business Blueprinting

  • Purpose
    • Achieve a common understanding how you and your team intend to run the new or upgraded QuickBooks® system to support the business.
  • What's Involved
    • We come to agreement on your key business processes and what will be needed in those workflows to support business requirements.
    • We identify any business process changes that may be necessary and/or warranted to run the system efficiently and effectively.
    • We develop an overall business blueprint, prepare business process flow diagrams and detail reports and reporting structures to meet business requirements and streamline business processes where possible.
Phase 3 - Business Realization

Business Realization

  • Purpose
    • Implement all the business process requirements based on the developed business blueprint.
  • What's Involved
    • We initially configure your new or upgraded QuickBooks® system according to the business blueprint design.
    • We conduct process and integration testing to validate the agreed to configuration design.
Phase 4 - Final Preparation & Cutover

Final Preparation & Cutover

  • Purpose
    • Complete the final preparation to ready you and your business team to "go live" with your new or upgraded QuickBooks® system.
  • What's Involved
    • Complete the final preparations of the designed system configuration.
    • Prepare any data migration from your old system.
    • We conduct final system testing, end-user training and preparation for cutover to the newly configured system and supporting processes.
    • Actual cutover to live usage of your newly configured QuickBooks® system.
Phase 5 - Post Implementation Support

Post Implementation Support

  • Purpose
    • Provide support to you and your business team as you engage with your newly configured QuickBooks® system in your "live" operational environment and in execution of business processes and workflows.
  • What's Involved
    • We provide you with both on-site and remote support according to the pre-defined timeline for post-implementation support.
    • We assist in working out any system usage and business process "kinks" and "tweeks."
    • As necessary, we help in liasoning with software providers in ironing out issues and system usage understandings.

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