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Here is a listing of some great productivity tools and QuickBooks® integrative resources for your review and further investigation. Click on the symbols and icons for further info, and direction to websites and social media pages. Make contact with us if we can assist in furthering your understanding of how they can be put to best productive use.

Work/Life Management Methods & Tools

  • Getting Things Done - Gain Control & Maintain Perspective

    GTD 1 Web

     David Allen's Getting Things Done® methodology is a proven method for managing day-to-day, high-performance workflow. The principles and methods are instantly usable and applicable to everything you have to do in your personal and professional life. Implementing GTD® alleviates being overwhelmed, instills confidence, and releases a flood of creative energy.

  • Evernote - The Best in Integrated Note Taking

    Evernote 2Evernote is a robust and mobile web-based note-taking application that integrates across all your platforms. You can manually take notes, or dictate them, from anywhere; even capture handwritten notes with text identification capability. Capture PDF's or photographs. Web clip articles directly from your browser with a couple of clicks. Organize your notes into convenient and searchable notebooks with tagging capability. Evernote integrates beautifully with IQTell to process your notes into actions, project support or reference material. Add reminders and calendar events, and manage all your Evernote notebooks and tags from within the IQTell app.

  • FacileThings - An Excellent Productivity App for True GTDers

    FacileThings 1FacileThings bills itself as "The Ultimate Solution for true GTDers" ... and it lives up to that billing. FacileThings gently but firmly incentivizes you to think through the complete GTD workflow methodology in processing your daily work, and in thinking beyond to longer-term horizons. The app invites you to maintain perspective by spelling out your purpose, vision, goals and areas of responsibility and tie them together with your defined next action tasks and projects. The well-thought out structure of the FacileThings app aids you in following the five-fold GTD methodology of handling "stuff" that comes into your daily world: Collect (Capture), Process (Clarify), Create Lists (Organize), Review (Reflect) and Execute (Engage). It has an effective dashboard to quickly and easily see what you can and should be doing at any moment within the context you find yourself, and comes with a great analytics section to view and track your progress in a balanced management of the game of work and the business of life.

  • TheBrain - Ideas and Relationships Visualized

    TheBrain 3The best mind-mapping software available on the market! Visualize networks of your knowledge and inter-relationships like never before. Make sense out of all your thoughts and ideas swirling around in your mind, on any subject. Unravel them with clarity on a digital canvass and attach relevant and associated information all in one place. Brainstorm and actually have fun doing it ... tasks, projects, or whatever. Clear you head and recall your thoughts with ease and in a moments notice, having synced across all your platforms. Great productivity tool!

Virtual Office Integrations

  • SmartVault - Online & Integrated Document Storage

    GTD 1 WebWith SmartVault document management, you get a cloud drive to store and access files online, a secure client portal to share documents, and seamless integration with QuickBooks® to attach source files to entries in QuickBooks® or QuickBooks® Online. Go paperless and stay audit ready by attaching source files to entries in QuickBooks® and QuickBooks® Online, including: bills, invoices, vendors, customer records – even transactions and list items! Scan, browse or just drag and drop files into the SmartVault Toolbar. Once stored in SmartVault, files are available from QuickBooks® or right from your browser or mobile device.

  • Hubdoc - A Centralized Documents "Digital Assistant"

    Evernote 2Automatically converts and imports your statements, bills, receipts into digital data you can use. No more data entry, no more filing; no more chasing down missing pieces of paper. Synchronize all your external accounts with your QuickBooks accounting and other third party software integrations (like SmartVault). Your data is organized and securely stored in The Cloud.

  • Receipt Bank - World Class Business Document Capture

    FacileThings 1Receipt Bank makes it simple to capture, process and share your key business transactions with no data entry, thanks to its outstanding automatic OCR technology. No more data entry, no more lost receipts ... hello fast and easy capture, combined with no-worry cloud storage. You can conveniently capture your receipting, invoices, billing and effortlessly classify them in your QuickBooks Online software and match them up with your banking information. Use the mobile app for instant receipt scanning and data extraction. An excellent productivity tool to help transform your business workflows.

  • Neat - Document Management Scanners And Software

    TheBrain 3Allows you to extract key information from scanned receipts and other documents, integrating easily with your accounting and business software. Neat automatically grabs key information from documents you scan, eliminating data entry and simplifying workflows. With the mobile app, you can scan on-the-go with your smartphone wherever you have internet access. Capture receipts and documents, and organize them in a way that makes sense for you. Use a Neat Scanner or your existing compatible scanning device.

  • Transaction Pro - Data Import/Export Products For QuickBooks

    Transaction Pro 1A very popular tool with QuickBooks® users and ProAdvisors alike. Providing you with capability and flexibility well beyond the limited QuickBooks® functionality, you can easily import and export many list and transaction types from any text, Excel, Access or ODBC compliant file. Handle hundreds, even thousands of line items easily and efficiently. No need for complicated templates with the use of easily defined field mappings, flexible value definitions, validation of data pre-import/export and log files post process. Import/Export headaches gone!

Reporting & Analysis

  • Fathom - Financial Analysis, Reporting, Benchmarking and Consolidation Software

    GTD 1 WebFathom is a financial analysis, management reporting, and consolidations tool that helps you to dynamically assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. Fathom provides a suite of in-depth analysis tools and metrics helping you understand exactly how well your business is performing ... and where you need to focus for growth. These tools and metrics help to assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Fathom seamlessly integrates with either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, transforming your company file data into actionable business intelligence and visual performance reports.

  • QVinci - Financial Consolidation, Reporting and Benchmarking Software

    Evernote 2Qvinci software is excellent for multi-unit franchisers, multi-business enterprises, or other small to mid-size business and non-profit organizations where there is a need to combine financial data from more than one QuickBooks® file or other system-of-record sources. Qvinci is a powerful, web-based financial reporting tool that is capable of quickly consolidating and analyzing financial files for literally thousands of locations, and encompassing multiple file types. The software offers an intuitive dashboard, filtering by non-financial properties, multiple currency conversion, Excel exports, and more.

  • Finagraph - Analytical Power at Your Fingertips

    FacileThings 1

    Linking directly with your QuickBooks® file, desktop or online, Finagraph unlocks your company data details and instantly displays visual insights that can assist you in analyzing your business performance and health. Finagraph not only presents you with relevant financial performance metrics, it also provides helpful metric definitions and explanations, along with recommendations for financial improvements where beneficial for your business.

  • QQube - Clear Reporting, Astounding Analytics

    TheBrain 3Enjoy the most powerful and flexible data warehouse tool for the QuickBooks® Desktop user. You can create reports and helpful business analytics in minutes ... the best solution available for getting your QuickBooks® data out in an accessible and clear format into Excel, Access, Power BI, Crystal Reports, Tableau and more.

  • Power BI - Interactive Excellence Across Multiple Data Sources

    Transaction Pro 1Power BI, a Microsoft product, is a suite of business analytics tools delivering business insights through multiple data source connection and simplified data preparation. Create rich, interactive reports with insightful visual analytics that can be published and shared on the web and across multiple devices. It scales across your enterprise and with your business growth, with governance and security built-in. For use with QuickBooks® data, Power BI integrates best in desktop versions with QQube and directly with QuickBooks® Online (Beta development).

  • Fiscal Checkup - Performance Insights for Better Company Performance

    Fiscal Advantage 2

    An excellent tool from Fiscal Advantage providing performance analytics designed to help SMB's better understand the financial health of their business. Using a top-level analysis of a company's financial data, it provides easy-to-understand charts and graphs that include recommendations for improvements and estimated company valuation. Gives insights on where your business stands in relation to seven fundamental cash flow drivers.

Inventory Management

  • Fishbowl - Manufacturing & Warehouse Management Integrative Solution for QuickBooks

    GTD 1 Web

    Fishbowl takes your QuickBooks® Enterprise already powerful inventory capabilities to a whole new level. For those businesses with more complex inventory management and accounting processes, Fishbowl can help save you time and money with better automation through integration. The software is intuitive, user-friendly and seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks® Enterprise or QuickBooks® Online, helping you extend its power and use for better inventory, warehouse, purchase order and sales order management.

  • SOS - Inventory, Order Management and Manufacturing Extension for QuickBooks Online

    Evernote 2SOS was designed to specifically work and tightly integrate with QuickBooks Online. This software is an excellent and powerful extension for your QuickBooks® Online financial software platform. It handles sales orders, assemblies, serial inventory, multiple locations and more with the same functional excellence as other manufacturing systems, but at a fraction of the cost. If you love using QuickBooks® Online, and need to up your inventory management game, here's the tool.

  • Acctivate - Inventory Management Software

    FacileThings 1Powerful, simple and affordable, Acctivate allows your business to extend its QuickBooks® inventory capability to new heights. You start with powerful core functionality inclusive of features required by nearly all manufacturing or inventory intensive businesses. Then, depending on your business complexities, you can take advantage of a series of optional feature modules - like mobile inventory & warehousing capabilities, E-Commerce integration, EDI integration, Custom Manufacturing, International Import/Export capabilities (landed costs and multi-currency support), and much more. Acctivate is a Windows desktop software application, and is available for integration with your QuickBooks® desktop financial software, with functional accessibility in The Cloud.

  • Dear Systems - Effective Cloud Inventory Management

    TheBrain 3A one-stop inventory system that syncs beautifully with QuickBooks® Online for effective cloud inventory management. The solution covers the entire business cycle in inventory management - manage your stock, order placement, invoicing, sales, sales channels, and more. Effectively and cleanly links with eCommerce sales channels like Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Method:CRM - Streamline Your Operations and Grow Sales

    GTD 1 Web

    A CRM designed specifically for QuickBooks® users, Method:CRM enables you and your team to build relationships on every side of the business, streamline your sales pipeline processes, and close more deals with less time and effort. Deep and smooth QuickBooks® integration and syncing for either desktop or online versions, ensuring you bypass the hassles of dual data entry and manage your sales pipeline activities effectively from lead to customer creation and beyond.

  • Method:Donor - Fundraising and Donor Software for Nonprofits using QuickBooks

    Evernote 2Accept online donations and keep your donor follow-ups all in one place. Have your donors history at your fingertips, with activity automation that makes creating and cultivating your donor relationships a breeze. And, with deep and streamlined QuickBooks® integration and syncing, you eliminate duplicate data entry.

  • Insightly - CRM & Project Management for QuickBooks Online

    FacileThings 1Helping small to mid-size businesses deal effectively with management of vital customer relationship tasks - contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. Combines CRM and project management to stay on top of your customer project milestones, as well as gain single operational and financial views of your customers and manage lead pipeline activities. Smoothly integrates with QuickBooks® Online to ensure you never have to duplicate data entry.

  • Nimble - A CRM that works where you work

    TheBrain 3The first CRM that intelligently works wherever you're engaging customers and potential customers.Take advantage of a Smart Contacts app that provides the context you need to connect and take action from any social site and business application. Easily identify key contacts and turn connections into conversations, and relationships into revenue. Automatically updates itself with relevant prospect and customer information from a variety of data sources.

  • ZOHO - Sell Smarter, Better, Faster

    ZOHO 1

    Reach out to prospects at the right moment, engaging them across every channel and closing deals smarter and faster. From contact to close, cut the energy it takes to move leads through your pipeline with secure, stable and feature-rich sales productivity tools. Integrates smoothly and effortlessly with QuickBooks® Online.


  • Shopify - One Stop Shop for Selling Online

    GTD 1 Web

    Create a great looking store and brand showcase, with the ability to handle a variety of selling channels - sell online, on social media, in store or wherever. Shopify's got you covered to handle everything in one place with a unified platform. Connect Shopify and QuickBooks® Online to automate your accounting and avoid manual or duplicate entry of invoicing, customers and products.

  • Webgility Unify - Connecting All Your Multi-Channel eCommerce Activity Into One App

    WebgilityTrack all your online orders, inventory and shipping across multiple eCommerce channels in one unified app. Automatically post data from all your stores and marketplaces - including orders, revenue, expenses, fees, and customer information. Integrates with more than 100 eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and business systems. Automatically post your business data to QuickBooks® (Desktop, Online or Point of Sale).

  • WooCommerce - Customizable eCommerce Platform

    Woo Commerce

    WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform. Go beyond the confines of traditional platforms to create your own unique store and brand by tapping into thousands of store designs for use on your WordPress website (free Wordpress plugin). Complete control over your store data ... unlimited products, users and orders. Integration sync with either QuickBooks® Desktop or Online.

  • Big Commerce - an eCommerce solution for businesses of all sizes

    Big CommercePowerful eCommerce software that grows with your business. BigCommerce is a powerful, easy-to-use ecommerce platform that includes all the tools to build, manage and grow a successful online business. Build the ultimate shopping experience, increase sales with best-in-class marketing and conversion tools, great site performance and cost effectiveness. It's QuickBooks® Online integration will save time, effort and eliminate the errors of manual bookkeeping. Integration automatically and accurately records sales income, tax, refunds, discounts and shipping.

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