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We're Now Certified QQube™ Solution Providers

on Sunday, 26 August 2018. Posted in News From The Den

Ready to help you take your QuickBooks reporting to new heights

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Graywolf Productivity Solutions, LLC is proud to announce that we've recently earned Certified QQube™ Solution Provider status from CLEARIFY® ... and we're ready to help you take-off to new reporting and analytical heights in the use of your QuickBooks® business data.

What does reaching that status exactly mean for you? It means that through the use of QQube's™ amazing data access technology, we can help you tap into the incredible treasure trove of data residing in your QuickBooks company file ... data that you normally can't get at through standard reporting. And, you can access it with ease of use and outstanding flexiblility, in combination with a variety of familiar and productive reporting tools.

  • No fussing with ODBC drivers
  • No grappling with confusing table/element names or complex table relationships
  • No confusing data mapping or connection strings

QQube transforms the raw "spaghetti" code of your QuickBooks data, and delivers it in usable pieces within an accessible and easy-to-use data warehouse. Many QuickBooks users have been frustrated with the painful process involved in accessing and gathering QuickBooks data elements for combined use in a single report, or in combination using multiple company files. Then, hoping they'll be able to easily transform it, customize it, and organize it without a boat-load of headaches and time-consuming data manipulation ... to no avail.

Good news ... QQube eliminates 90% of those pain points!

Have you been looking for that kind of analytical tool to provide you with the meaningful business reporting you've been craving? Get in touch with us by clicking on the below image for a free consultation and find out how we can help you secure and use this outstanding tool. Your analytical prowess and business insight will be forever changed!

Another outstanding tool helping you to make better use of your QuickBooks accounting software ... and another qualified service offering from a company on a mission to equip you to be at your productive best. For more information, click on the below links ... then click on the "Let's Talk" image below to setup an initial consultation.


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