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Do you know where your money is?

     Do you know where your money is going?

            Do you know where your money came from?

                 Do you know what your money is doing for you?


Ready To Wave The White Flag?

Ready To Wave The White Flag?

Can't answer with surety any, or all, of the above questions?? Frustrated with how much time it's taking to sort out the receipts, bank statements and other paperwork stacking up on your, or your staff member's, desk? Looking for a convenient and efficient way to get out (and STAY out) from underneath it all, get organized and finally generate some reporting giving you an idea as to how business is REALLY doing? Alright, then ... we can help.
What Can We Do For You?

What Can We Do For You?

As a small business owner you simply may not have the time, or in-house personnel, to maintain your financial records regularly and generate the insightful reporting that can help you understand where your business resources are, how much you've used of those resources, and what the results are of your use of those resources in your business operations. THAT'S WHERE WE EXCEL ... we can take care of your transactional bookkeeping and provide you with the consistent and relevant information that will allow you to get out from under the bookkeeping burden and focus on what you do best. You go from frustration back to happy!
Bookkeeping vs. Accounting

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting

Sometimes there's confusion over the two terms. BOOKKEEPING is invoicing your customers, paying your vendors, paying your employees and doing banking activity. A bookkeeper gets your invoices out on time, records and tracks your expenses accurately, pays your employees properly, and records and reconciles your banking transactions regularly and accurately. Proper bookkeeping means ALL the transactions from your business activity are recorded in an efficient system of record in a timely and accurate manner. ACCOUNTING is compiling the data from your bookkeeping efforts in a structured and meaningful way that yields reports allowing you the business owner, along with other interested parties, to understand how your business is doing and where your resources are being accumulated and expended. We're excellent at both activities. And, along with being experts in the use of the #1 financial system-of-record for small to mid-sized businesses, Intuit's QuickBooks software, you get a great resource that provides you with the "one-two" punch you need to tackle the beast of business record keeping.

Our Personalized Bookkeeping and Accounting Services Include:

  • Monthly flat fee billing.
  • Unlimited phone, e-mail and virtual conference support.
  • Setup or transistion to a new QuickBooks® Online company file, or working within your existing QuickBooks® Desktop/Online file:QBOnline 2 Image Web
    • QuickBooks® Online Essentials Account
      • an access anywhere web-based QBO company account to keep your financial records.
      • functionality includes bill payment options and multiple user capabilities.
    • QuickBooks® Online Plus Account
      • all the functionality of QBO Essentials, plus inventory items and transactions management, budgeting and job costing capabilities.
    • QuickBooks® Online Advanced Account
      • all the functionality of QBO Plus, with additional power to customize user access, get detailed business analytics and performance insights with a free Fathom™ integration, and increased workflow automation tools.
    • QuickBooks® Premier or Enterprise Desktop with Hosting capability
      • Intuit's most powerful financial software tailored for use by mid-size businesses.
      • Take advantage of extensive functional capabilities, granular user controls, multi-user capabilties and cloud enablement with a cloud Hosting setup for anywhere/anytime access when you need it.
  • Maintainance and/or oversight of essential bookkeeping activities:
    • Business Banking - checking, savings and/or credit card account transactions, and streamlined reconciliations.
    • Customers & Accounts Receivable - processing invoicing, payments postings and collections maintenance (as needed).
    • Vendors & Accounts Payable - processing of purchase orders (if applicable), payables postings, bill and expense payments.
    • Employee Time & Expense - entry of employee time and processing of payroll; 3rd party payroll transactions (if applicable).
    • Monthly & Year End Basic Reporting - generation of necessary financial statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows).
  • More in-depth accounting activities:
    • Adjusting Entries - review and make adjusting entries to your accounts as needed (monthly, quarterly and/or annual).
    • Ensuring Chart of Accounts Structural Efficiency and Integrity - ensuring that accounts are meaningful, appropriate and well laid out for accurate and understandable financial reports.
    • Efficient Usage of Sub-Ledgers, Items and Transactional Formats - this can be critical to take advantage of the power and productivity of QuickBooks; without its maintenance, process sluggishness and lack of business insights can be the result.
    • More In-Depth Reporting & Interpretation - moving beyond just providing the basic financial statements, we generate insightful business activity reporting and provide assistance with interpretation of the financial results.
    • Job Costing - helping setup, track and understand specific job/project actual costs versus budgets or estimates.
    • Time & Expense Maintenance - assisting with setup and entry of employee time, tying to customer/job billables, and reporting.
  • Add-on of essential integrative tools that maximize your productivity, including:
    • Dext (formerly ReceiptBank™) Documents Capture and Sync
      • easily store, process and automate your transactional data.
      • automatic conversion of source documents like receipts, bills and statements.
    • SmartVault® Documents Management
      • store all your documents and files, and access them securely from one central cloud portal.
      • securely attach, view and manage your transactional documents right from within your QuickBooks Online or Desktop company file.
    • Payroll Integration
      • you process your payroll, fast and efficiently, right from within your QuickBooks Online or Desktop company file.
      • with our Shared Service option, we handle all your tax payments and report filings; tax rates and schedules are always kept up-to-date with the latest tax law changes so that you're always tax compliant.
      • with our Comprehensive Service option, we handle all your payroll, from preparing the checks through to tax report filings.
    • Find out more about these and other integration/expansion tools by clicking here: Productivity Tools & Integrations.
  • And, of course ... YOUR HAPPINESS! (along with return of your sanity)

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Controller Services

Controller Services

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Support Roadmap

Support Roadmap

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