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Why Outsource Your Controller Activities?

Why Outsource Your Controller Activities?

  • Expertise and Experience "On-Demand"
    • We carry deep and wide knowledge, along with many years of experience DOING business finance and accounting working with key management and operational players in business environments just like yours.
    • We can step in quickly and effectively to complete the necessary tasks, project or liaisoning activity ... with minimal "learning curve" deficiency.
    • We keep our skills sharp and upgraded through continual use with a variety of organizations, training and understanding of the latest in accounting and system of record best practices.
    • You're reporting output is of utmost importance. We apply our knowledge and business experience to assist you in identifying, producing and reviewing the most meaningful reporting.
  • Staffing Simplification
    • Hiring full-time staff can come with its attendant difficulties and, dare we say it, headaches. You can avoid them through outsourcing.
    • You save the time, cost and effort required to hire, train and provide benefits to a potential in-house hire. The time usually spent for this activity adds up both in terms of "psychic" exertion and an over-abundance of costs.
    • Even with an already hired accounting/finance staff, with an outsourced resource you can gain a "backup" source if and when needed should your staff member go down due to extended sickness, vacation or they suddenly decide to leave your company.
  • Budgetary
    • Let's face it, cost can be an issue ... many times for small businesses, it comes down to this nagging cashflow problem. But, just because you may not have the budget for a full-time, long-term Controller hire, doesn't mean you don't have alternatives.
    • Many small business owners have learned by hard experience that it's just too easy to over-spend for a full-time resource to accomplish a set of valuable management financial tasks, only to find out that the resource is only really needed for a fraction of the time in any given month.
    • It just makes economic sense to "farm" out specific core function work (like finance/accounting tasks) for a finite period of time to knowledgable and experienced outsourced personnel who can come in quickly, hit the ground running, and get the job doen in less time and at less cost.
When Might You Need An Outsourced Controller Resource?

When Might You Need An Outsourced Controller Resource?

  • We can become your quick-strike "Ninja" resource ... there for you quickly, effectively and with pin-point expertise and skill.
  • Times of need and effective application of our resources could be the following:
    • New Startup activities - you want to start off on the right foot as you launch your business endeavor, and you need assistance in ensuring you have correct setup of a new financial system-of-record (one of Intuit's QuickBooks products, of course) and careful oversight of financial activities and business transaction recordings.
    • Change in Business Structure - perhaps you're moving from a sole-proprietorship or an LLC to a S-Corp or C-Corp in preparation for a business expansion, in response to a tax issue, or other reason and need assistance in understanding the financial implications and reflecting the change appropriately in the company system of record.
    • Lack of Understanding - you need help in making sense of, or interpreting, the "language" of the financial numbers, or in fully comprehending the functionality of some aspect of your system of record and how it applies to a core business process.
    • Alleviating the Cost of Hiring Internally - does it make sense to bring in a full-time staff member and incurring the additional cost in doing so, when "part-time" will do?
What Specifically Can We Do For You?

What Specifically Can We Do For You?

  • In general (outside of project-specific activities) we provide the following "landscape" of Controller activities:
    • System of Record and Account Maintenance - general ledger, fixed assets, loan managemement and more
    • Account Reconciliation Oversite
    • Financial Results Interpretation and Guidance
    • Job Costing and/or Inventory Transactions Management
    • Cash Flow Management and Reporting
    • Budgeting and Forecasting
    • External Liaisoning (CPA, banks, other entities) - meet external financial reporting compilation needs, audit prepartions, tax return filings, etc.



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