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Your Roadmap to Better Business Finance Services

With Graywolf Productivity Solutions, you get the very best in both quality service and a trusted business partner. Facilitating that involves coming alongside you and getting to know your business and its unique business finance needs ... what services and tools will be the best fit to place and keep you on the road to success. You'll find the steps in our client engagement process below for your review, along with additional links for more information elsewhere. Then, take the next action ... get in touch and let us help you on your success journey!

Step 1 - Learning More About Your Business

Learning More About Your Business

  • Purpose
    • Learning more about you, your business, and the business environment you function in.
    • Understanding where your business financials and systems usage currently stand.
    • Accurately assessing the right combination of business services and software tools to meet your business' unique needs.
  • What's Involved
    • Review the current state of your books (your "system of record"), along with a look at supporting documentation and processes.
    • Provide a diagnosis of any identifiable and/or underlying setup or transactional issues.
    • Work with your team to understand and clarify your key business workflows and responsiblities.
    • If and as necessary, formulate a plan for cleanup and/or setup corrections.


Step 2 - Agreeing On a Set of Services

Agreeing on a Set of Services

  • Purpose
    • As we complete Step 1, we work with you to formulate a service "game plan" and finalize a service pricing package.
    • We mutually agree on a service plan and pricing, and clarify the next steps to "onboard" you as a client.
  • What's Involved
    • We present a summary of our proposed service plan recommendation and options for consideration.
    • We present a summary of any process and structural improvement recommendations.
    • We finalize a formal service agreement.
    • We review and discuss setup and onboarding steps to begin our engagement with you and your business team.
Step 3 - Onboarding and Setup

Onboarding and Systems/Process Setup

  • Purpose
    • Executing on the service "game plan," we begin transforming your systems and processes through setup of new software, apps, and associated process improvements.
    • Ensuring that you and your business team are comfortable with the new tools and processes involved with our business services.
  • What's Involved
    • We perform any tasks that may be needed to improve your business workflows/processes to ensure a smooth transition to the use of new systems and tools.
    • We setup new system of record software, along with any integrative apps.
    • We provide full training to you and your staff in the use of any new software, app tools and business processes.
Step 4 - Catch Up

Catch Up

  • Purpose
    • We go through your system of record and ensure that all your financial transactions and reconciliations are complete and up-to-date as of the last completed month.
  • What's Involved
    • Update your transactional records, in-line with the use of the newly setup system tools and business processes.
    • Bear in mind that this could be a lengthy process, depending on where the state of your financial transactions are ... from a couple of weeks or months, to a year or more of updating required.
    • The length and quantity of transactions that you may be behind should not be looked at as a point of embarrassment; it's simply a recognition of reality ... taking the time to get caught up, and doing it right, will be well worth the effort as you move forward within a new business service framework and relationship with us!
Step 5 - Active Service Relationship with GWPS

Active Service Relationship with GWPS

  • Purpose
    • We actively engage and bring to reality the agreed-upon business service offerings we've mutually agreed to.
  • What's Involved
    • We smoothly transistion you to the agreed-upon service package, using the great new tools and systems put in place, and begin our business relationship.
    • You're setup, you and your staff have received the necessary training, and you begin flying high ... experiencing less stress, greater productivity, and receiving great service from a new trusted business partner!


Want more information about our bookkeeping and accounting services? You can take a look at our web page for an overview.

Virtual Controller Specific

Looking for a more concentrated Controller-specific support ... a quick-strike "Ninja" to be involved in a focused project endeavor, or for a short-term fill-in need? Take a look at our Virtual Controller page, then setup a free consultation session with us to explore how we can assist you.

Reporting and Analysis

Looking for more advanced reporting expertise, report building and integrative reporting tools to work in concert with your QuickBooks® system of record? Look no further ... we're your resource!

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