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Your Roadmap to Better Reporting & Analytics

Having a desktop or online QuickBooks® accounting system is great, but ... handling all of your important workflows and generating the right reports and business intelligence smoothly and efficiently is the real "end-game." It's what you have a system for in the first place, right?? Reporting output is more of an art than a science ... generating meaningful information takes some thinking through as to what your needs are, then "artfully" modeling those needs in appropriate forms and visualizations using relevant tools. Those artful models can also be effective checks on the integrity, accuracy and consistency of your system's underlying data. We love helping our clients develop the critical and revealing analytical reporting you need to assess and monitor your business activity, and we work with you in a defined and purposeful process to accomplish just that. You'll find that "roadmap" below (click on each step for more info). Then, hit the Get Started button and let us help you get on the road to beautiful and enlightening analytical reporting!

For more info on expansions and integrations with your QuickBooks® core system, see our QB Setup Roadmap.

Step 1 - Visualizing Your Need

Visualizing Your Need

  • Purpose
    • To make an initial assessment of your analytical reporting needs.
    • If you are a first time client, we also take the time to learn more about you, your business, the business environment you function in and your system usage.
  • What's Involved
    • We help you think through and visualize what your reporting need looks like:
      • What does the content look like and at what level of detail (what are the data elements you need to include, groupings, sortings, filters, etc.)?
      • What form do you need the report to be in (spreadsheet, visual chart, multiple element dashboard, or a combination of various forms)?
      • Who will be accessing the analytic content and for what purpose (bookkeepers, accountants, management, external parties)?
    • We take some time to review and discuss the underlying data source(s) to ensure it's accuracy, consistency and availability for use in developing the analytical reporting output.


Step 2 - Determining a Proposal for Your Need

Determining a Proposal for Your Need

  • Purpose
    • Building on the initial discussions from Step 1, we walk through a pricing and engagement proposal with you to execute on your analytical reporting needs.
  • What's Involved
    • We walk through a series of questions to further pinpoint your business reporting and analytics needs, and determine a set of fixed price options for your consideration.
    • Simultaneously with the presentation of price options, we help you to understand the value of the various components included in those options.
    • Together, we finalize a pricing agreement with the electronic signing of a service engagement proposal.
Step 3 - Designing to Meet Your Need

Designing to Meet Your Need

  • Purpose
    • Based on the service engagement scope agreed to in Step 2, we go to work designing your analytical reporting using the appropriate data fields, analytic forms and reporting tools.
  • What's Involved
    • More in-depth discussions with relevant subject matter experts (SMEs) and end users in your organization to further refine the reporting needs.
    • Define the choice of QuickBooks® and/or other data source fields to be used in the reporting and/or visualization.
    • Define the appropriate report structure and/or visual design elements to be used.
    • Define the security framework (who will have access and at what level?).
    • Create a draft(s) of the analytical and/or visual layout for initial review and feed-back adjustments/enhancements.
    • Based on review feedback, add any adjustments and/or enhancements to the design.
    • Troubleshoot any issues in the underlying analytical data or format structure, and in the infrastructure used to provide the report and/or visualization.
Step 4 - Actualizing to Fulfill Your Need

Actualizing to Fulfill Your Need

  • Purpose
    • Follow-through on building the final report and/or visualization structure and review with you, the client.
  • What's Involved
    • Working with you and your team (SMEs and end users) we do the following:
      • Based on the design and draft efforts in Step 3, we:
        • finalize the reporting and/or visualization formats.
        • finalize user interface (UI), branding and integration considerations.
        • conduct final testing, both user and integration, to ensure functional usability.
      • Document our development process and finalized reporting and/or visualization product output.
      • Provide training in the use of your new business reporting analysis tools and output.
    • We then hand-off the finished product to you, review and finalize completion of the engagement per agreed scope, and conduct a post-completion meeting with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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