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Work/Life Productivity Coaching  for you ...


Trying Desperately to Juggle It All?

You're a hard-working professional in an organization, a business entrepreneur, and/or an individual trying to balance a demanding work life with a purposeful personal life. You are "soooo" interested in productivity and getting things done faster, more efficiently ... handling everything that comes at you without blowing up from stress and pressure, or deflating into a hot mess. You've tried everything: read your ump-teenth book, played around with a number of theories, asked around to just about everyone you know (and some you don't really know), and downloaded app after app. Nothing's working. You're drowning in a sea of activity, on a number of life and work fronts, and not sure what to do or how to handle it all. You're burning the candle at both ends, and trying desperately to avoid getting burned.

Getting Productive with Response-ability

Activities, responsibilities, the need to execute ... it all can never really go away. We need to manage it, and manage it well. What we need is a framework that gives us the appropriate ability to respond to life and work situations. Instead of being driven by the latest and the loudest, unsure about what I'm doing (and what I'm not doing), we need to have something in place that enables us to have a complete inventory of what's on our plates, with a clear view of the appropriate horizon of focus. Something that enables us to trust our judgement in the heat of the moment of day-to-day activity, where my informed intuition is in play, my vision sharp, decisions clear and my psyche is relaxed. We need to have the appropriate mechanisms to cultivate a "mind like water" ... not over-reacting or under-reacting, but responding to daily activities and events totally appropriate to the given situation. Having a mind that's clear and flexible, and the tools and processes in place to bring you to that state, are essential.

... using the GTD® Methodology.

GTD Introduction

A video introduction to the GTD® methodology, a central focus in the Work/Life Productivity Coaching offered by Graywolf Productivity Solutions, LLC. Be more relaxed, productive, on top of your game and ready for anything.

Bringing You To A "Ready State"

We provide personal 1-on-1 coaching and business group training on implementing an effective life-work management framework, centered around internalizing and consistently practicing the five key steps, or C.C.O.R.E., of David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology: 

  1. Capture anything and everything that has your attention; get a handle on what's currently on your "plate."
  2. Clarify everything you capture by determining if it's actionable. If it is, define it into concrete next actions or project outcomes.
  3. Organize action reminders and support information in appropriate review lists, by defined context categories and time needed.
  4. Review your lists as often as necessary and in light of your commitments on six defined horizon levels to keep current and "on your game."
  5. Execute confidently, consciously aware of what to do, or not to do, at any given moment because your system is complete and current ... providing relaxed focus and control in your decision-making.

GTD Five Steps

Take a closer look at the C.C.O.R.E. of the Getting Things Done® methodology ... five simple steps that, with regular exercise, apply order to chaos.

Providing Four Levels of Consulting and Training (click for more details)

Level 1 - Workflow Coaching Assessment

Workflow Coaching Assessment

  • Four hours (half day) of 1-on-1 consulting in your every-day working environment.
  • Focus on assessing your working environment, what you are engaged in currently, and particular productivity focus needs.
  • Discussion of the GTD methodology, key concept topics, and how they can be applicable in your working environment.
Level 2 - In-Depth Workflow Coaching

In-Depth Workflow Coaching

  • Two days of on-site, 1-on-1 consulting working in your every-day working environment.
  • Prior to the two-day, a one-hour consultation session to assess your needs and focus for productive use of the 1-on-1 site time.
  • In-depth discussion and implementation of a wide-range of GTD® topics for building better work-flow habits and management, along with appropriate hardware and software usage.
    • Collecting and processing your inputs (working toward "Inbox Zero").
    • Handling digital and hard-copy backlogs.
    • Configuring your electronic systems to effectively manage projects and next actions.
    • Developing appropriate areas of focus.
    • Developing a weekly review plan.
Level 3 - Bundled Virtual Training Sessions

Bundled Virtual Training Sessions

  • Five 60-minute 1-on-1 sessions, provided via our secure Zoom virtual meeting facility (or, if you prefer, Skype or other audio/video tool).
  • These are geared toward building or expanding your GTD® foundation and understanding.
  • Learn about effective tool options that can be used to implement the methodology.
  • Setting the table for your execution of learnings in your working environment, leading to a productivity break-through for you!
Level 4 - Group/Team Workflow Training

Group/Team Workflow Trainings

  • Providing training seminars on the GTD® methodology and keys to more effective productivity individually and in a working group environment.
  • Learning how to engage well with each other for maximum individual and team performance.

NOTE: Make contact to discuss seminar requirements, attendance and pricing

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Graywolf Productivity Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with the David Allen Company.

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