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QQube™ - Analytical Technology for Clear Reporting & Business Insights


We're a Certified QQube™ Solution Provider

We've earned Certified Professional and Solution Provider designations from CLEARIFY®, the creators of this fine analytical technology for QuickBooks® users. What does that mean for you? It means that you can trust us to provide excellence and expertise in helping you setup and utilize QQube™ with your QuickBooks® accounting system data to create powerful customized reporting and insighful visualizations that propel you to greater heights in understanding your business ... where its been, where it is, and where its going ... dynamically, efficiently, with data available at the touch of a button on multiple platforms.

What is QQube™?

QQube™ is an exclusive data warehouse for QuickBooks® that enables users to quickly produce customized reports and visual analytics in a variety of analytical tools of the user's choosing. QQube™ allows QuickBooks data to be easily extracted, then dragged and dropped into the tool of choice, without having to know ANYTHING about the underlying data complexities.

  • NO fussing with ODBC drivers
  • NO need to deal with confusing table names or complex table relationships
  • NO data dictionaries to study or connection strings to figure out
  • NO endless hours, days, or weeks of reverse engineering

What are the Benefits?

  • Create insightful reports and analytics in mimutes - not hours, days, or weeks!
  • No need to be a data "rocket scientist" (or, have to hire one!).
  • QQube™ accomplishes what QuickBooks® doesn't:
    • Hundreds of reporting options not possible in QuickBooks® become available
    • 52/53 tax year
    • Actual, Budget AND Forecast in one report
    • General Ledger linked transactions
    • Inventory forecasting with sales history
    • Job costing that combines five or more reports into one
  • Data is live and available even when your QuickBooks® company file isn't running.
  • Use tools like the Microsoft Power BI gateway to automatically update your information into The Cloud for mobile devices.
  • Exponentially more flexible and powerful than QuickBooks® Enterprise Advanced Reporting.

What are the Key Features?

  • Over 45 analytical areas, from Open Sales Orders to 52/53 Tax Year Financial Summaries.
  • 7,000+ fields of information.
  • 250 out-of-the-box templates for Excel, PowerPivot, Access, Crystal Reports and Tableau analytical tools.
  • Free Excel Add-In for "drag and drop" functionality.
  • The most extensive QuickBooks®-Microsoft Power BI library available:
    • 75+ analytic templates
    • 350+ out-of-the-box individual metrics
    • Dozens of pre-built DAX calculations
    • Industry standard KPI's
    • Load and see your own data instantly
  • Multi-currency analytics in home currency with foreign currency options.
  • Ability to aggregate any and all data from dozens of QuickBooks® company files.
  • Single-User or Multi-User licensing for local or hosted environments.

Video Introduction to QQube

The complete self-serve data warehouse solution for creating QuickBooks® reports and dashboards in the tool of your choice outside of QuickBooks®.

QQube Report/Visualization Examples


Profit & Loss - YOY Comparison

Profit & Loss By Class - Budget vs Actual vs Forecast Visual

Statement of Cash Flows By Class

Statement of Cash Flow Activity Visual

Audit Trail Analysis

Audit Trail Activity Visual

Job Cost - Advanced Estimate vs Actual

Job Cost - Individual Job Visual

Job Cost - Overall Metrics Visual

What are My Purchase Options?

Below is a brief description of available QQube editions, along with purchasing links.


Single User Edition

Designed for use on a single PC or laptop, where there will be a one person creating reports and performing analysis. Includes full data warehouse functionality and configuration tools, and a complete set of report templates.

Multi-User Editions

Intended to run in a server environment where multiple users can connect, create reports and run analyses. Licenses for 5, 10 or 25 (CPU) concurrent users are available.

Multi-Company Add-Ons

Multi-company add-ons are designed to function with either single-user or multi-user editions to enable working with and/or combining in reports 3, 10 or up to 100 companies. QQube™ will automatically open each company file and extract and identify appropriate data elements.

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