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Productivity Mind Like Water 4 WebIn-Depth Workflow Coaching



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Personalized, informative and in-depth coaching:

  • Two days of on-site, 1-on-1 consulting working on your every-day working environment.
  • Prior to the two-day, a one-hour consultation session to assess your needs and focus for productive use of the 1-on-1 site time.
  • In-depth discussion and implementation of a wide-range of GTD® topics for building better work-flow habits, management along with appropriate hardware and software usage.
    • Collecting and processing your inputs (working toward "Inbox Zero").
    • Handling digital and hard-copy backlogs.
    • Configuring your electronic systems to effectively manage projects and next actions.
    • Developing appropriate areas of focus.
    • Developing a weekly review plan.