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Training 10 WebQuickBooks Three-Hour Training Pack



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A personalized and informative multiple hour training pack that's just right for discussing a functional issue, workflow process question, or dialogue about a setup framework that may need more time beyond an hour to visualize and address, but you're really not sure about the need to commit to a more extensive period of support.

We'll meet with you remotely using our secure Zoom video-conferencing and screen-sharing facility. You'll schedule time on our calendar, and we'll send an email one hour to 30 minutes prior to the session with details on getting connected. All sessions are recorded (both audio and video) so that you can review what we discuss at your leisure after the session. We'll also provide you with copies of any relevant documents that may be helpful to your issue, along with a link to any summarized notes taken by us.  NOTE: If your business location is within 25 miles of the Greater Rochester, NY area, we offer on-site training as well.

Upon receipt of payment, we'll send you a calendar link to setup your appointment time.